Stabilimento Filtomatic

Filtomatic Fasteners S.r.l. is a leading company in the production of stainless-steel washers and carbon steel wave spring washers, in the trading of stainless-steel fasteners and in the trading of stainless-steel Coils and Strips in AISI 304, AISI 316 or special nickel alloys – cut according to the Customer’s needs, even with centesimal tolerances.

Filtomatic was founded in 1963 and it’s in the same time witness and main character of the birth and of the development of several industrial realities in its area.

Its headquarter is located in Correzzana (MB), Via G. Galilei 5.


The functional areas cover a surface of 4.000 sqm and they are constituted by:

  • Tooling department – for the creation, the assembly and the maintenance of the tools;
  • Stamping department – for the production of standard and special flat washers, spring lock washers, wave spring washers, shim washers, fasteners for the automatic line in every material – on demand;
  • Heat treatment department – where we can quench and temper the washers that need a heat treatment;
  • Finishing department – for the deburring and the polishing of our products;
  • Warehouse – for fasteners storage and shipment;
  • Raw Material Warehouse – to prepare and cut the strips for internal use and for sales, according to Customers’ needs;
  • To better satisfy market needs since 2008 Filtomatic Fasteners S.r.l. has been implementing the trading of Coils and Strips cut according to Customer’s needs, even with centesimal tolerances on the width.

Services and products

Our own production

  • Flat standard washers – according to: DIN, ISO, UNI, to the English (BS 4320, Penny Washer) or to the French (NF E 25-511, 25-513, 25-514) norms.
  • Flat washers with narrow band, with large band and external diameter three or four times the internal diameter.
  • Spring lock washers.
  • Spring curved and wavy washers.
  • Wave spring washers (LMKAS).
  • Shim washers (RAM – Passwashers).
  • Special washers according to Customer’s drawing.
  • “Contact” washers or toothed “Contact” washers in stainless steel, in carbon steel, blank or galvanized or mechanical galvanized.  
  • “Sperrkant” washers in carbon steel (also with the requested coating) and in stainless steel (A4 – AISI 316 and A2 – AISI 304).
  • “Similar Schnorr” type washers.

Commercial items

  • All kind of fasteners (nuts, bolt, screws and all fasteners according to DIN, ISO, UNI norms);
  • Items according to Customer’s drawings.

Coils, strips and sheets

Coils and strips of all dimensions in stainless steel – first choice (with chemical composition certificate issued by the original steel company) or second choice (with chemical composition certificate, stated by Filtomatic Fasteners S.r.l. hinstruments – according to the most recent high-tech tools).


The whole production cycle takes place in a modern plant with to electronical machines granting the necessary output and control to play in a big and competitive market.

The highly automated production can grant, if requested, 0 ppm using the several optical sorting machines located in our plant or at other companies places, in loan for us.

In this complex continuously evolving market, in a world where advanced management systems and flexibility are so important to face the continuous changes, new operational methods come out to strengthen the relationship with the Customer – like our brand new “customers area” – and it represents Filtomatic pride.  

Filtomatic Fasteners S.r.l. is certified according to the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 since 1999 and during these years has been paying more and more attention to the quality of its service and particularly to the Customer’s satisfaction and to its continuous improvement.